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Face the Music: audio from three Maine acts

Face the Music: audio from three Maine acts

Hat Check lady, Anni Clark and also the prominent Grassholes launch brand-new records

There’s no correct way to handle an epidemic as far as creative output and, also, there’s no decision helped. Some artisans has struggled to uncover the company’s muse in the last months, and may one fault them? Sometimes just getting up isn’t any small accomplishment.

Some functions, but has been able to write and capture songs. Those 3 new records are worth cash and time.

Hat Check woman “Kiss myself fast” record address Photography by Peter Galway, style by Annie Gallup

Hat confirm female would be the wedded Americana duo of Peter Galway and Annie Gallup, both experienced musicians who may have revealed several solamente records through many years. Last year Gallup introduced “Bookish” and yes it was certainly my favorite albums of the year, this was actually the complicated and poignant songwriting.

As Hat consult lady, they’ve had eight albums. The latest are “Kiss Me Quick,” published Sept. 18 and offered by select Bull Moose musical spots, on the web at and also on web streaming networks. I’ven’t really dug into Hat test female discography, but in terms of “Kiss myself Speedy” go, i really do maintain: Holy Toledo!

With a profound feeling of place and moment, the number of music tends to be pictures in a sepia-toned record album, and it also all starts with “Moving West.” Here’s what they believed regarding this in a pr release. Continue reading Face the Music: audio from three Maine acts